Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Buenos Aires is a construction zone

The World health organisation has said that Buenos Aires is the worlds second noisiest city and frankly im not suprised with the tremendous amount of new contruction going on .

It seems that the city is being razed to make way for new neighbourhoods especially around Palermo hollywood and the old docks of Puerto madero.

The noise on the street level can be deafening and if you combine that with the horrendous bus lines with their ancient engines you will need ear plugs in many areas.

I am lucky that i live in a very quiet neighbourhood not on a bus route and no high rises being built on my block but most expatriates moving here tell me that the noise is a problem for them.

So when renting or buying an apartment here Caveat Emptor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its never gonna stop till we fix the problem with the public transport

6:32 AM  

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