Friday, October 20, 2006

Restaurant recommendations

If you are thinking that Buenos aires has a tremendous variety of exciting food options you will be disapointed. The main spices in the porteno diet is sugar and salt in huge quantities.

In my area Palermo soho there are over 300 reataurants and I would say that only 20 serve excellent food and these are my recommendations

La cabrera Cabrera 5099 . My recommendation for the best baby beef in town and great place in atmosphere and service.

Sarkis arab restaurant located on Thames 1101. Beautiful meze and huge servings at a very reasonable price. Make sure that you visit on Monday night for belly dancing.

Moche for excellent peruvian food Nicaragua 5901

Thymus outstanding place must be visited once when in Buenos aires Lerma 525

Bon appetit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can be critical but in this case I think you are being a bit harsh. Maybe I just don't care a lot for very spicy food. I wish there were more vegetables - a greater variety (in rerstaurants, that is) however on the whole I find restaurants in BA enjoyable . I agree however that Palermo has a lot of restaurants and quite a few are mediocre and overpriced. They are taking advantage of the tourist boom. Haute cuisine is almost always disappointing in Argentina. It's best to stick to simple things: grilled meat, pasta, the better Malbec wines from Mendoza, etc.

6:29 PM  
Blogger greekinargentina said...

Im not saying that there is not great restaurants and like you said if you stick to the basics you can have a good meal but for a country that was founded on italian immigration its strange that pasta can be very bad here.
I find that the quality of cheeses and spices very low as well for such a diverse society

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can find some nice cheese if you go to a good cheese store (not supermrket) but on the whole you are right. Long life Dutch style cheese is common here and not a great deal else. The wuality of vegetsbles is poor.

1:34 AM  
Blogger miss tango in her eyes said...

I have to agree with greekinargentina, the pasta is very disappointing in restaurants. If someone out there would pony up a recommendation for the best pasta in Buenos Aires, we are all waiting!

In fact, I have basically stopped eating in restaurants, except the occasional parrilla, or when I do crave the suprema milanesa, then I just go to my local café and for 6 pesos, it includes papa fritas.

Now if you do want to have excellent spaghetti at home, may I recommend the Don Vincente brand from Mar del Plata. They are the second best thing to making pasta by hand,(which for me is never going to happen unless my next novio knows how to make pasta by hand!)

12:35 PM  
Anonymous totalmente argentina said...

If you are still looking for pasta you can try on this familiar restaurant at belgrano neighbourhood . It is not touristic but la pasta is great. PASTAS LUCIANA. Amenábar 1202 -Tel: 4783-0975 Belgrano.
I also recommend you in Palermo a restaurant where you can eat fish (the best fish in town for me) and is Jangada Honduras 5799 Tel: 4777-4193

4:52 PM  
Blogger Gustavo said...

For Italian go to Brocolino downtown, Cordoba and Esmeralda and forget about the rest, their stuffed calamari is the best and pasta di frutto de mare exquisite. I travel to Bs As two times a year and cannot leave without visiting this place.

saluti a tutti, Gustavo

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you porteños may know better & this is somewhat of a tourist place; though i love the cool spots in soho, did find some pretty good pastas (& excellent fresh food overall for a buffet) at La Bistecca (PM one); also love a simple pasta w/marinara dish @ bar uriarte

BTW great blog & love the pix

thnx to all for the great suggestions on italian rests

4:41 PM  
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