Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rembetika is the soul of Greece

Rembetika is the soul of Greece like Tango is the soul of Argentina . We are brothers and sisters with so much in common and our connections are very close.

These are the words of the above song by Haris Alexiou

I want to drink tonight so as nothing to remember I want to trap myself in smoke and fear no consequences I want to drink tonight and surpass my limits I want to confess my lost dreams covered in smoke's veil . I'll light up with cigarettes and burn out with liquor Now that I've taken fright may everything turn into ashes. I want to drink tonight to erase everything and everyone I want to disappear in smoke and never look back again.

All my Greek and Argentinian readers please leave me your thoughts about this song


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To describe this song, the only word that seems fitting to me is the ancient Greek δεινοσ (deinos): beautiful, frightening, wonderful, awe-inspiring, terrible, marvelous, etc. The words and music come together so powerfully in Haroula's performance that the video only detracts from the experience -- smiles do not belong with a song that seeks oblivion after a devastating loss. It makes me shiver, like the sight of Helen to the elders of Troy, and it makes me weep because I too have sought to blot out an unbearable pain.

12:28 PM  
Blogger mafrasta said...

Hy... I write you now from naples, in Italy... I was looking ofr informations about greek community in argentina, for a fellowship in Melbourne... My father is Greek, from Rhodes, and I dance tango... I danced this song too, in Thessaloniki one time... I remember the flavour and sound of that tango, in the darkness of a 'fin de siècle' milonga... When I found you blog I thought: 'What a little is the world', but when I red this post I had the feeling of the beauty of these coincidences... so, see you soon!

3:54 PM  

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