Monday, February 26, 2007

Understanding Buenos Aires Women

To understand Buenos Aires women it takes a while and these are my observations over the years I have been here.
Generally they are of slimmer appearance than most European women with petite features being very common. Personal grooming is highly valued and even on the hottest day here they will look and smell fantastic. Argentine women spend more per capita on perfume and toiletries than any nation on earth making them a vain lot.

Women in the capital tend to very feminine with naturally dark hair. They are obsessive about their appearances and their weight spending an inordiante time in gyms and yoga classes trying to obtain that perfect physique.

Now about Long Term Commitment

Relationships in Buenos Aires can be complicated as the availability of oportunities makes people wary and suspicious and unwilling to commit easily.
Argentine men are extremely persistent and forward in their attention to any women with little of the charm of the Frenchman or other European men. Most Argentine women in response to this agressive attention from men are very reluctant to date men easily . Argentine men will rarely take no for an answer and will persist until a yes is obtained . Most women here learn to play very hard to get as a barrier to all this attention.
Dating Argentine women is certainly different to say United States and most of Europe as they are hot and cold it seems on a daily basis. Commitment is not given easily and normally a few dates are required for any passionate contact to commence. This is not Brazil or Columbia where one night stands for pleasure are common and done with complete unhibition.
Saying that when the sexual commitment is done the Argentine women is very unhibited in bed and willing to experiment. Even though it is a catholic country it is catholic in protocol and not in actions.
Argentina is a tolerant society in many ways and most subjects that would be considered taboo in most countries are openly discussed on television and the numerous cafes of Buenos Aires.

Curerntly the most famous argentine women of all President Kirchners wife Christina Fernandez who is being very strongly rumoured to be in line for the new presidency taking over from her husband Nestor Kirchner. I beleive she will make a fantastic president as she looks great as well as being super smart.

Women overall in Buenos Aires can achieve very high positions of power. Being feminine and sexy is no barrier to achieving success and obtaining those coveted positions.

Argentina had the first female president of the world who was the notorious Isabel Peron who achieved power on the deathbed of Juan Peron. She was a ex cabaret dancer working in Panama when Juan met her and then the rest is history.Her presidency was considered to be a huge failure and created the conditions for military rule.


Anonymous Paul said...

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8:23 PM  
Blogger Fernando (Nerd Gaucho) said...

I sencond everything you said!!.

I also like Cristina. But beware of saying that loudly, this country has a long tradition of having its Capital City a hotbed of anti-Peronist feeling.

Also, peronism itself carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction (as a "movement" following a single leader and having right wing and left wing elements within itself).

Add to it that when corrup Carlos Saul M*nem took office, he implemented a neoconservative policy, destroyed manufacturing jobs and opened the doors to cheap imports, making unemployment skyrocket. He wrecked the country in ways only GWB is doing now to the U.S.

Yet, in the minds of some middle-class and upper-middle class, that experiment by M*nem (sorry I don't name his last name as it's thought to be bad for luck ;-), gave peronism a bad name.

I come from an anti-peronist family myself, and I've always been more leaning towards democratic socialism (think Chile's Allende), yet I consider Mr. Kichner a progressive in a number of fronts, from Education policy (finally enacting a law giving education a minimum percentage of budget to education), to Health Policy (generic drugs, prescriptions by drug name rather than brand name), to Human Rights, and finally an undervalued peso which boosts our exports, helping diversify our economy (Tourism now racks in more income for the country than meat and wheat exports combined).

Add to it an IT-services and software factory promotion law, and I give his four-years term a score of 7.5 in a 1-to-10 range.

Yes, there have been scandals and there is inflation, but that is a small problem, since we have budget and fiscal surpluses for years in a row, something that didn't happen FOR 50+ years!.

I'm optimistic about the future.

I like your blog. Maybe I'll link to it.


5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an Argentinian woman I can tell you are definitely right in your description of female-male interactions. I live outside my country and do not date men from my country because they are male chauvinistic. Don't ask them to even wash their clothes, they don't know how to! they will find a girlfriend, wife, mother or maid to do it for them! LOL!

8:39 PM  
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